Example of Using Responsive CMS Software in Blog Design

We would like to thank our good friend, who is a personal injury attorney in Miami, for showing us the way to create and run a successful blog.  His blog, "Florida Medical Malpractice Laws," is a great example of how to create compelling content around a niche industry.  They used the WordPress CMS software to build out their blog.  The theme that was used is a custom theme that really shows off the responsive design.  The site looks remarkable whether you are looking at it on a smart phone or a desktop.

These are all rare examples in the legal industry.  Most blogs are run on poor unresponsive software platforms along with an outdated website design from the early 1990s.  The blog also does an exceptional job of incorporating social media on every page.  They have a unique widget that displays the total followers and fans of the author, and each post has the sharing buttons lined up nicely on the bottom.

Great job for setting an example to all of us who blog.

Importance Of Computer Ethics And Software Piracy

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with moral concepts such as wrong and right or good and bad. If you believe in these moral principles then the concepts found in ethics should apply to all apsects of your everyday life. Computer ethics is a fairly new concept that addresses computer and technology use. There are many illegal activities performed on the internet every day. Some of these activities include plagiarism, piracy, and identify theft.
Software piracy is currently a huge problem all over the world. Software piracy is the illegal distributing, copying, and use of any software that was not purchased directly from the manufacturer. It is closely related to copyright infringement which can be seen through file-sharing programs such as Kazaa. This is where the importance of computer ethics and software piracy matters. Software companies put a lot of time and money into producing their products. If their product is available to download for free illegally; does that make it okay to do so? It is basically stealing and many of us know that stealing is wrong. If you wouldn’t do it in the real world, then you shouldn’t do it in the virtual world either.

Ademco Monitoring Software

If you want to protect your loved ones, your business, or anything of importance – you should look into Ademco security products. Ademco security is a division of Honeywell International which is a trusted and well-known security company. Ademco security systems can be for residential, industrial, governmental, and commercial use. The products Ademco offers include sensors, keypads, remote control devices, glass-break detectors, motion detectors, and fire alarm control panels. Ademco monitoring software also allows you to monitor your home from anywhere.
The LYNX wireless security systems and their accessories are the most popular line of products that the company offers. It is easy to install and is also very user friendly. The system is made up of a control panel, keypad, speakerphone, two-way voice system, and dialer. The installation process is voice prompted which means there are no manuals or guides to read. This is very innovative and helps makes setting up the system much easier. Ademco is the leader is security products and is your go to place for all your security needs.

C99madshell Software Apache

C99madshell is software used by hackers to infect your computer with Trojans and viruses. C99madshell is a PHP script that is downloaded as a zipped and base64 encoded stream. To prevent the script from being detected as malware it is wrapped around ten different levels of zip and base64. All the hacker needs to do to run the script is place it on a site where the webserver serves it. Once the hacker gets the script to where it needs to be he just redirects his browser and runs the script.
After running the script the server will send its output to the browser of the hacker. The control panel on the script is very organized with tons of features that allow the hacker to control the server that the script runs on. The best way to protect your computer from this script is to download the c99madshell software apache tools. These tools are generally free and can be found simply by doing an internet search.

Aladdin Dongle Copy Software

A dongle is a piece of hardware that is plugged into your computer to protect your software. The main purpose of dongles is to authenticate software or provide copy protection.  The earliest program to use a software protection dongle was Wordcraft in 1980. Since then the terminology has evolved and dongles are now referred to as hardware tokens, security devices, or hardware keys.
There have been efforts to introduce dongle copy-protection to the mainstream market. This effort has been met with much resistance by users. Many of these users rely on dongle copy software to clone the encryption code or void it all together. These users are generally using counterfeit versions of the product which is why they are strongly against dongle copy-protection. Aladdin dongle is an example of this type of software. It emulates the dongle through a driver. Aladdin dongle copy software can be downloaded for free at dongleservice.com.

305v DXG Digital Video Camera Software

DXG is a fast growing manufacturer of electronics in the United States. They were founded in 1988 and are based out of Industry, California. DXG is best known for their digital camcorders. The camcorders they produce are very sleek, compact, and affordable, which makes them very appealing to the younger demographic.  They are available in a wide array of colors and even come in bold designs and patterns. Some great features of their cameras are the high definition video and expandable memory.
One of the company’s most popular models is the 305v. The 305v can be used as both a digital camera and a video camera. It can shoot 3-megapixel digital videos, has a 1.5 inch LCD display, and has a 4x digital zoom. This camera is very versatile and is great for shooting up close or further away. It comes with 16 MB of storage and has an expandable slot that can hold up to 512 MB of removable storage. Please remember to install the 305v dxg digital video camera software to get the full features this camera offers.

HP TeMIP Software

HP TeMIP Software was first released by Digital Equipment Corporation in the early 1990s. HP TeMIP Software is a collection of products that helps address the needs of fixed, voice, wireless, and data operators. The software assists the operators by managing the communication networks. TeMIP stands for “Telecom Management Information Platform,” and is a general framework for building operations support systems service applications.

HP TeMIP has been through several name changes over time. When it was marketed by Compaq it was simply known as TeMIP. After Compaq merged with HP the name changed to HP OpenView TeMIP. Since then the name OpenView has been removed from the market. The latest version (Version 6.0) was released in 2007. This version runs on Sun Solaris operating system and on HP-UX on the Integrity platform. All of the components in TeMIP are customizable which can help level the needs of the network operation center’s processes. 

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