Activclient Middleware Navy Download

Activclient is a middleware program that is used to simplify the communication between computers using Windows and Common Access Card computers. The Common Access Card, also known as CAC, is a smart card issued by the United States Department of Defense. These cards serve as identification for reserve, government, state, and military personnel. Activclient is the only approved middleware CAC available for Windows. Common access cards can only be used to access networks and computers that have a smartcard reader at the Department of Defense.

The activclient middleware navy download is only available through the Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System, or RAPIDS. The system uses stored information to issue the credentials within the Department of Defense. These credentials are only given to personnel with current affiliation with the department. RAPIDS identifies characteristics that are specific to each individual such as fingerprints. The information is the stored only in a System called DEERS, which stands for Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System. The Department of Defense monitors the system at all times.

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