Download Free Computax Income Tax Software

Tax time is approaching and many people are looking for different income tax software programs to file their returns. Computax is a popular tax software that can be used to fill out and complete your tax forms.  The program is operated completely by menus making the software very user friendly and easy to operate. It can also compute different rebates, carry-forward of losses, and deductions. All income tax forms required for filing are available on Computax.

Some salient features of Computax include automatic transfer of master data, preparation of tax challans, standard formations of various routine letters, and various data input validation checks. Computax can also run different reports which include return files, advance tax estimation, client list, appeal effect, and client list. The software is capable of performing auto calculations for item such as depreciation, rebates, interests, and gains. You can download free computax income tax software at

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