Download Raging Rudolph

Raging rudolph was a hilarious parody from season 1 of the hit series MADtv. MADtv is a sketch comedy television series in America that first broadcasted in 1995.  After fourteen seasons the show finally came to an end and the series finale aired in May 2009. MADtv was critically acclaimed and won 8 out of the 35 Emmy awards it was nominated for. The show consisted of various skits and performances that were filmed in front of a live audience.

The skits are often parodies of current events in pop culture. The inspiration for these parodies came from movies, music, politics, and television shows. Raging rudolph aired on episode #109 on December 16, 1995. This was a memorable episode for MADtv as it was the first Christmas episode of the series. The parodies in this episode were mainly focused on all things Christmas. Raging rudolph was a spoof of Martin Scorsese’s popular films Goodfellas and Raging Bull. You can download raging rudolph off of various sites on the internet. 

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