Free Download Audio Discourses Osho

Osho is a spiritual teacher who was born in Kuchwada in 1931. As a child he often questioned religious, philosophical, and social beliefs. He was described as a rebel with an independent personality. He majored in philosophy and received his masters from the University of Sagar. He then went on to become a philosophy professor and a speaker. He traveled all over India to speak about religious leaders to large crowds. He then quit teaching to devote his time to educating the human consciousness.

He caught the attention of followers worldwide and spread his teachings through audio discourses. These discourses were recorded live and reflect the deep insight and thoughts of Osho’s vision. There are about 4,800 hours of discourses in English and 4,000 hours of discourses in Hindi.  They each vary in length and can range anywhere from 90 minutes to a couple of hours. Free download audio discourses osho can be found at

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