Helvetica ttf Download For Iphone

Helvetica is a true type font that was developed by typeface designer Max Miedinger in 1957. Eduard Hoffmann also assisted Miedinger in creating Helvetica. When they began to design this font the main goal was to create a typeface that was neutral and would not indicate any type of meaning. They wanted a font that was versatile so that it could be used practically anywhere. The most used san-serif typeface today is Helvetica.

Helvetica is available in many versions and scripts which include Japanese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, and Latin. Different variations of Helvetica are Helvetica Light, Helvetica Compressed, Helvetica Textbook, and Helvetica World.

Many companies decide to use this popular font for commercial use. It can be seen on the wordmarks for JCPenny, BMW, Verizon, and Target. Helvetica is also the default font for Apple’s iPhone operating system. The helvetica ttf download for iphone can be found by doing an internet search. Many websites allow you to download the font free of charge.   

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