305v DXG Digital Video Camera Software

DXG is a fast growing manufacturer of electronics in the United States. They were founded in 1988 and are based out of Industry, California. DXG is best known for their digital camcorders. The camcorders they produce are very sleek, compact, and affordable, which makes them very appealing to the younger demographic.  They are available in a wide array of colors and even come in bold designs and patterns. Some great features of their cameras are the high definition video and expandable memory.
One of the company’s most popular models is the 305v. The 305v can be used as both a digital camera and a video camera. It can shoot 3-megapixel digital videos, has a 1.5 inch LCD display, and has a 4x digital zoom. This camera is very versatile and is great for shooting up close or further away. It comes with 16 MB of storage and has an expandable slot that can hold up to 512 MB of removable storage. Please remember to install the 305v dxg digital video camera software to get the full features this camera offers.

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