Aladdin Dongle Copy Software

A dongle is a piece of hardware that is plugged into your computer to protect your software. The main purpose of dongles is to authenticate software or provide copy protection.  The earliest program to use a software protection dongle was Wordcraft in 1980. Since then the terminology has evolved and dongles are now referred to as hardware tokens, security devices, or hardware keys.
There have been efforts to introduce dongle copy-protection to the mainstream market. This effort has been met with much resistance by users. Many of these users rely on dongle copy software to clone the encryption code or void it all together. These users are generally using counterfeit versions of the product which is why they are strongly against dongle copy-protection. Aladdin dongle is an example of this type of software. It emulates the dongle through a driver. Aladdin dongle copy software can be downloaded for free at

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