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The practice of being esoteric is called esotericism. There are three main categories of esotericism: religious, philosophical, and occult. Information that is only understood by a small group is said to be occult esotericism. Only a select few who have interest or knowledge in the information are able to understand it. These groups of people only share their knowledge with a small group of people and can also be interested in items that are rare and unique.

This particular definition of esoteric was found in numerous places such as Pythagoreanism, Buddist and Hindu Tantra, Anicent Egypt, Radhasoami, and in Hermetic Occultism. There is no thread that ties the history of esotericism to its origins.  Conflicts arise whether to view esotericism in a scholarly or non-scholarly sense. Esoteric doctrines can be tied to great scholars such as Lucian or Aristotle. You can download free pdfs ancient history esoteric from these classic scholars by doing an internet search. 

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    Guillermo Capellan WWPA esoteric INTERNATIONAL, warns that the death of "PEPE THE WIZARD OF MALAGA" KARMA is a misfortune to be charged with CARBONERO SARA AND PARIS HILTON for being part of a Goetia and dissemination of esoteric spells.

    "They do not know the principles of occultism, one Spanish, by famous an unscrupulous and the other American, by the despicable custom to the detriment of Cristiano Ronaldo, girls expecting results, esotericism is a very sensitive issue," warned Zodiac

    Don Zodiac Guille. Madrid, Spain

    "DO NOT FORGET THE WITCH PEPE´S RELATIONSHIP WITH SARA CARBONERO ABOUT ESOTERIC CURSE FOR A CRISTIANO RONALDO" said GUILLERMO CAPELLÁN, esoteric from Argentina who, at the time, disqualified Brujo disappeared José Ruiz alias Pepe de Malaga. The death of Pepe de Málaga witch makes it clear who in life was José Ruiz, alleged author of the curses of Cristiano Ronaldo, and who is Don Zodiac Guille, the undisputed winner of a contest that remained in expectation throughout Spain.

    "We only have the misfortune to meet an outstanding debt to his promoter: Sara Carbonero and contracting Paris Hilton" sentenced Guillermo Capellan.

    Spain: Real Madrid Fans thank Guillermo Capellan

    (Carmen del Solar Mexdf.Independient.Press)

    SARA CARBONERO much of the interview was published about the famous model and Spanish television journalist on Sara Carbonero´s Wizard. For our part, we initiated an investigation into Pepe, the voodooists, which made boastful galas of their evil powers.

    Thus, we find out Don Zodiac Guille, Guillermo Capellan, known worldwide for The Esoteric Councilman Curses from Salta - Argentina. On these sensitive issues of global esotericism, Guillermo Capellán had an extensive conversation with a Spanish journalist, Alejandro Sanchez del Olmo, through his program on the occultisnm in Andalusia, La Otra Mirada. Sanchez del Olmo is the only privilege pressman who had in Live Capellan and at that time had already predicted the end of Pepe, Paris Hilton´s wizard.

    The difference between Capellán and Pepe de Malaga, intellect is always the one with the head of another. Pepe, limited in hiss esoteric instruction could never answer the statements by Argentine researcher. Neither knew that Capellan had prowled the "coven" that Pepe had in Malaga and then to meet his space warned "He is little thread on the reel".

    The injunctions never existed because the Wizard of Sara Carbonero and Paris Hilton, Pepe de Malaga, had lost the secret battle of his limitations as an occultist. Guillermo Capellan kept the silent, Pepe has gone for ever and Cristiano Ronaldo broke free of a burdensome public mystifying. What holds for SARA CARBONERO? Only Don Zodiac Guille might say, "nothing good, nothing good," said Argentine esoteric man to Mexdf.Independient.Press.

    Fans of Christian and Real got the mail of Guillermo Capellan and began sending hundreds of thousands of messages of gratitude and affection to those who, without any Sara Carbonero means, managed to gain the trust and affection of Real Madrid Club, Cristiano Ronaldo´s Club.

    Mexdf.Independient.Press @

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