Free djgpp Compiler Download

DJ’s GNU Programming Platform, or DJGPP, is a complete 32-bit C/C++ development suite that supports computers running on DOS operating systems. The platform was created in 1989 by DJ Delorie, which is where the “dj” in djgpp comes from. DJGPP is a port for many GNU development utilities, which includes the well known GCC compiler. The GCC compiler generates 32-bit code. The 32-bit code runs while being protected and switches between 16-bit DOS for fundamental support.

The platform has a 16-bit stub with a library that strongly leans on many 16-bit BIOS and DOS commands.  Due to the lack of support for 16-bit programs, the platform cannot be used on the x86-64 versions of Windows. The only way the platform could possibly be run on these versions is through emulation. There are currently two versions of djgpp available for download. You can obtain a free djgpp compiler download from  

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