Free Download Mumbo Jumbo Luxor Alum

Mumbo Jumbo LLC is a global developer and publisher of casual games. They develop games for both game consoles and personal computers. Their games are available for consoles manufactured by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Mumbo Jumbo’s main headquarters is in Dallas, TX, but they also operate studios in Los Angeles and Russia. Services provided by Mumbo Jumbo include turnkey manufacturing, channel marketing, product placement, package design, and more.

Some popular gaming titles from Mumbo Jumbo include Bejeweled, Bookworm, Jewel Quest, and Luxor. Luxor was voted the number 1 casual game of 2005. It is an action puzzle game with 88 challenging levels. The goal is to match three spheres of the same color to destroy them. You must destroy all the spheres before they reach the end or you lose. Free download mumbo jumbo luxor alum can be found on the Mumbo Jumbo website: They can also be found on various game portals and at retail locations. 

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