GPE Software For Nokia n800

The GPE Palmtop Environment is a graphical user interface designed specifically for personal digital assistants and palmtops that run on the operating system Linux. It is a X Window System which makes application development easier by providing software such as database schemas and shared libraries. The GPE Palmtop Environment strives to promote free software for mobile devices. Some popular GPE applications that have been created are GPE File manager, GPE sketchbook, GPE games, and GPE mini-browser.

GPE targets the Hewlett-Packard iPAQ, Hewlett –Packard Jornada 72x, Siemens AG SIMpad SL4, and the Sharp Zaurus. These platforms are targeted directly because they are bundled with embedded Linux distributions. GPE software for Nokia n800, Nokia 770, Plam TX, Palm Treo 650, and GamePark Holdings GP2x devices is also in development. It will also be available for the HTC Typhoon, Universal, Tornado, Apache, and Wizard. By having GPE on these mobile devices users will be able to use Linux for audio playback, personal information management, email, and web browsing.

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