HP TeMIP Software

HP TeMIP Software was first released by Digital Equipment Corporation in the early 1990s. HP TeMIP Software is a collection of products that helps address the needs of fixed, voice, wireless, and data operators. The software assists the operators by managing the communication networks. TeMIP stands for “Telecom Management Information Platform,” and is a general framework for building operations support systems service applications.

HP TeMIP has been through several name changes over time. When it was marketed by Compaq it was simply known as TeMIP. After Compaq merged with HP the name changed to HP OpenView TeMIP. Since then the name OpenView has been removed from the market. The latest version (Version 6.0) was released in 2007. This version runs on Sun Solaris operating system and on HP-UX on the Integrity platform. All of the components in TeMIP are customizable which can help level the needs of the network operation center’s processes. 

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