Samsung Delve Software Spell Check

The Samsung Delve is a CDMA touch screen cell phone with lots of great product features.  The phone offers a full QWERTY keyboard to meet all of your messaging and email needs. It is the very first phone that supports Samsung’s TouchWiz interface in the United States. TouchWiz allows you to drag and drop your items for personal customization on your phone. The Delve also has a memory card slot, full HTML browser, and a 2 megapixel camera that can also record videos.

There are also tons of applications available for the Samsung Delve. If you have a SmartChoice plan all of the applications for the phone are absolutely free. Different categories of applications include games, entertainment, and education. There are tons of instructional apps that can teach you anything from how to play guitar to how to speak Japanese! Samsung delve software spell check is also a popular app that most users download. 

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