Soundmax adi ad1888 ac 97 Audio Codec

An audio codec is a computer program that can either compress or decompress digital audio data in a specific format. The goal of an audio codec is to play a high quality sound with the lowest number of bits. Doing this reduces the storage space and bandwidth of the original file. Audio codecs usually interface with multiple multimedia players. Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and Winamp are a few of the popular multimedia players that codecs interact with.

Codecs are generally downloaded when users have no sound coming from their computers. This is a common problem and can usually be solved by downloading a codec. A popular codec many people use is the soundmax adi ad1888 ac 97 audio codec. If you are thinking about installing this codec it is important to check and see if it is compatible with your personal computer. This codec is free and is available for download at

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