laptop program code - 2 Tips to Improve Software Development

2 Tips to Improve Software Development

Software developing is something that has gotten big in the previous years. With the world moving towards a hi-tech feel, software, apps, and so many other things require software developers.

No matter how long you’ve been developing software, we’ll be presenting tips that can help you become a better software developer.

Have a Code Reviewer

First of all, you should have a code reviewer. Reviewing code is very important. When a project is taken, things are agreed upon for the project. Whether it be a website or application, it is required to do something.

Thus, each piece of code that you write has a specific function that it must fulfil. If you are in freelance work, failing here would lessen your credibility, making it harder for you to get more work.

Have someone knowledgeable review your code. This is especially important if you are a beginner or if you are using a language that you are not that familiar with.

Bear in mind though that you may not want to hear what the reviewer has to say. Like a lot of people, they are hardly good with handling criticism. However, you must have thick skin in order to improve as a software developer.

coding - 2 Tips to Improve Software Development

Code with the Future in Mind

Next, you should code with the future in mind. When we say this, we mean that you should think about when other people will need to touch and fix your code in the future. Lack of any forethought will result in a number of problems that may come to bite you later on.

It may take some extra time to do it, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Apart from these, it is always important to keep website or software security in mind.

We hope that you take these tips to heart and eventually transform yourself into a good developer. Please share with us some of your tips as well, so that others may learn from your experience.

security - Keep Your Website Secure With These 3 Tips

Keep Your Website Secure With These 3 Tips

Websites are a target for hackers. While people may think that their website has no valuable data or there is nothing to hack, this is actually a big mistake.

The truth is that without the proper protection, a website’s layout can be changed. Worse, they can also use your servers for undesirable things. Not to mention all the possible viruses out there. A lack of website security can change a business’ direction for good.

Let’s take a look at three tips you can follow in order to secure your website.

Error Messages

When an error happens on a website, the website usually spews out a message talking about the error and about what parts are being affected.

This is a good act of transparency. However, people have to be careful with how much information is shared in these error messages. Be sure to keep the information at a minimum only. These error messages could potentially leave a trail of breadcrumbs that can serve as keys to hackers.

security laptop - Keep Your Website Secure With These 3 Tips


Another tip is carefully choosing your passwords. People think this may be a simple tip, but the truth is that not all people follow this one.

Make sure that the password that you select is very complex and strong. If you are having your users create accounts, it is also a good practice to enforce some password requirements that will help them come up with a strong password.

When authenticating, you may want to store your user’s passwords as something that is encrypted. In doing so, this means that only the encrypted values will be compared with one another when in the authentication process.

File Uploads

Finally, we’d like to warn you about file uploads. If your website requires or has file uploads, you’d better think twice. Even the simple act of changing the avatar photo of a profile can be dangerous.

The danger comes in the fact that these files may have executable scripts that are a danger to your website and users.

These are only a few things that you can do to ensure the security of your website. Do not take website security lightly. We urge you to make your website as safe as possible.

app - 4 Different Communication Apps to Consider

4 Different Communication Apps to Consider

The internet and the evolution of society to a high-speed connected one has gave way to instant connections. Using the internet, people can contact each other from the other side of the globe with a click of the button.

This article will lay out four different communication apps for you to consider.

Facebook Messenger

mobile in hand - 4 Different Communication Apps to Consider

First we have Facebook Messenger. This is quite convenient to many, because they and their friends have Facebook already.

Like most of the messaging apps, there are add-ons and features for messenger. A person can send GIF messages, voice messages, and videos.

Recently, the Facebook team has updated the design of the app. It has taken quite a minimalist approach as it reduces the number of tabs you need to click to move around the different features.

More than anything though, the Facebook team seems to understand the value of 1 on 1 communication. It will be interesting if this tenet will steer their communication app to the top.


Viber can be seen as the king of convenience. It is easy to install and set up, and then you are off to the communication races.

The Viber app has its own marketplace. Here, you can buy unique stickers and emoticons. It has also security and chat encryption for more safety.

Recently, the Viber team has just released Viber for Business that is great for businessmen and working people on the go.

chat laptop - 4 Different Communication Apps to Consider


Next up, we have Slack. Slack is actually a communication tool that is perfect for work. Apart from the chatting and the chat rooms that you can make, it is also host to a scheduling feature, some project management tools, and more.


Finally comes Telegram. This messaging app is the most secured one. It has encrypted messaging and is very secure.

One feature is that your message deleted after some minutes, so no one else can read it afterwards. This also makes it the perfect messaging app for you to talk about sensitive information or share sensitive materials.

These are only a few communication apps for you to consider. Whatever it is you choose, you should select the one that works the best for you.

web laptop - 2 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

2 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

In one of our previous articles, we spoke about things you can do to make your website sell more. One additional thing that can definitely help any website is loading speed.

In the day of “here and now”, people grow impatient at a much quicker rate. The users of the internet today are used to getting what they want immediately. It is so important actually that a slow loading time can mean reduced conversions and people leaving your website.

In fact, just a second too slow and people will neglect to view more pages and they will also be dissatisfied with the new service. Approximately 50% of people who encounter a delay of at least 3 seconds will leave the page.

Website loading speed even affects Google search results.

No need to worry though. The PopSoftLib team is here to talk about several things that you can do in order to speed up your website.

code laptop - 2 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Load CSS And Javascript Together

Websites are made up of many different scripts. There are scripts that are used for the website’s functionalities. There are also scripts that are used for the website’s look and feel.

These scripts can be loaded either separately or at the same time. If the scripts load separately, the website will load slowly. They will come out on the website in the order that you have them load. However, if you make your scripts load at the same time, things will move a lot faster.

Please note though this rule isn’t absolute. With regards to JavaScript, it is not recommended to load it with the others. In fact, it is best if you have it load after all the others have loaded asynchronously.

Reduce DNS Lookup Time

Your domain name system is also responsible for the load time of your website. In fact, it plays quite a large role in it.

The DNS comes into effect whenever a website is searched or clicked. The DNS transforms that URL into the IP address for the website.

Consider utilizing a faster DNS to speed up your website.

These are only a couple ways to have a faster website. Speed is important for a website, as it will dictate if the website is visited or left.