popsoftlogo - About PopSoftLib

Since its creation, the world has grown wide and vast with the addition of cyberspace. The internet has helped expand people’s minds with more information, instant connectivity, and so much more. As such, technology has also evolved to such a point to work well with the internet.

From the internet’s inception, so many websites have been created. According to a report done by Netcraft, they approximate that there are almost 1.8 billion websites in total. That is a lot of websites. For smartphones, it is approximated that there are 2.1 million apps.

In reality, how many different and unique services out there? How often can a team of developers create something that will stand out from the crowd?

The answer is, not enough really. Some people will design their apps, software, and websites just to stand out. However, sometimes their desire to stand out interferes with the user experience rather than enhance it.

This is why the PopSoftLib team focuses on design. Design is truly at the heart of a positive experience. Whether it is with software, applications, or websites, the usefulness and success of each of these things is dependent on good design.

PopSoftLib hopes to make people realize the importance of good design.