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Design is one of the most, if not the most important factor when developing anything. Be it websites, software, or applications, the design is at the center of the development.

Why is this so? Good design is like a good roadmap. It ensures that people can get from point A to point B without much problems.

For a website for example, if it is designed well, people will have an easy time navigating the many different pages, as well as locating information that is important to them.

For software or apps, it is much the same. All software and apps are created for a purpose. Good design allows for these purposes and functions to shine through. Bad design could hinder people from using software and apps for the reasons they are intended for.

The importance of design is one that is not done by most. This is why it has become the sole focus of PopSoftLib to write about design and spread it to as much people as possible.

The PopSoftLib team is one that is filled with people from different walks of life. We have developers, people who create apps and websites, authors, and many more. The one thing we all have in common is our understanding of the user interface and user experience.

Most of the articles that we write center around these topics. We write about the different tips and techniques that developers can use for their projects.