web laptop - 2 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

2 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

In one of our previous articles, we spoke about things you can do to make your website sell more. One additional thing that can definitely help any website is loading speed.

In the day of “here and now”, people grow impatient at a much quicker rate. The users of the internet today are used to getting what they want immediately. It is so important actually that a slow loading time can mean reduced conversions and people leaving your website.

In fact, just a second too slow and people will neglect to view more pages and they will also be dissatisfied with the new service. Approximately 50% of people who encounter a delay of at least 3 seconds will leave the page.

Website loading speed even affects Google search results.

No need to worry though. The PopSoftLib team is here to talk about several things that you can do in order to speed up your website.

code laptop - 2 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Load CSS And Javascript Together

Websites are made up of many different scripts. There are scripts that are used for the website’s functionalities. There are also scripts that are used for the website’s look and feel.

These scripts can be loaded either separately or at the same time. If the scripts load separately, the website will load slowly. They will come out on the website in the order that you have them load. However, if you make your scripts load at the same time, things will move a lot faster.

Please note though this rule isn’t absolute. With regards to JavaScript, it is not recommended to load it with the others. In fact, it is best if you have it load after all the others have loaded asynchronously.

Reduce DNS Lookup Time

Your domain name system is also responsible for the load time of your website. In fact, it plays quite a large role in it.

The DNS comes into effect whenever a website is searched or clicked. The DNS transforms that URL into the IP address for the website.

Consider utilizing a faster DNS to speed up your website.

These are only a couple ways to have a faster website. Speed is important for a website, as it will dictate if the website is visited or left.

laptop brand - 3 Tips to Integrating PDFs to Your Website

3 Tips to Integrating PDFs to Your Website

Portable Document Format files or PDFs are quite handy. Most of the people who are experienced with computers are familiar with this file type. It is a good way to send and read a document in a user-friendly way.

As such, these PDFs can be utilized greatly in websites. When downloaded by users, they can present them with a wealth of useful information for whatever reason your company or website may have.

Let’s take a look at four tips that you can use to best integrate the PDFs on your website.

File Size

The file size of the PDF is important. Bigger isn’t always better. In the case of PDFs, small is the way to go. This ensures that the download time is quite quick. It also ensures that there are not a lot of pages in the PDF. Various pages may turn the people off.

A goodguideline to follow is about 30-40 KB. This means that the PDF will loadquickly and at the convenience of your users.

design team - 3 Tips to Integrating PDFs to Your Website

Design the PDF Well

This tip helps with the first one. If you design the PDF correctly, you will have no problems with it. There are several steps you can follow to ensure it is designed well.

First, make sure that your photos are not large. Optimize them so that they are reasonable sizes. Bear in mind that they do still need to be high quality images though.

Your writing must also be taken into account and be clean.It should be short and sweet, but with the message still there.

laptop hand - 3 Tips to Integrating PDFs to Your Website

Use PDFs Appropriately

Finally, you have to think about when and how you use PDF files. There are times when the content in a downloadable file can be transformed into a web page. Also, it must be noted that a website with a lot of PDFs will seem off for users.

These are only a few tips to utilizing PDF files for your website. PDF files are great tools that can help disseminate more information. Ensure that you follow these tips to help the PDF add to rather than take away from website’s experience.

laptop on table - 2 Tips to Make Websites Sell Effectively

2 Tips to Make Websites Sell Effectively

People don’t realize it, but there are so many websites out there on the internet. It currently numbers at nearing two billion. The multitude of websites are made for many different reasons.

There are websites that can help companies get their brand out there. There are websites that have applications on them that people can use. Communication, games, you name it. One other way though is to sell products.

A website can act as a virtual store that people can go to anywhere and anytime. No matter if its clothes, courses for forklifts or construction, or even electronics, online stores are growing quickly.

This article will attempt to present tips for website developers that can help them sell more of their products. Let’s take a look.

girl laptop - 2 Tips to Make Websites Sell Effectively

Various Payment Options

First of all, your website must be planned well. From the design to how the products will look on the page. However, one other thing needs to be taken into consideration and is probably the most important factor is the payment options.

An online store needs to have a variety of payment options available to buyers. Usually, online shopping is done with the use of credit cards. However, not everyone has one.

Not to worry though, as since then, platforms such as PayPal and Dragon Pay have made their way on to the scene.

Ensure that the group of people you are focusing on will be amenable to the types of payment options that you have. Make sure that you design each well in order to lessen confusion and mistakes when a person is paying.

testi - 2 Tips to Make Websites Sell Effectively

Have Testimonies

Another one is to allow your buyers to have testimonies for specific products or specific sellers if that is the case. When stores are online, it is hard for people to trust the products being sold.

Testimonies and comments allow for a more human feel through the virtual interface. It also allows for people to trust the products being bought if the comments are positive.

These are only a couple of tips to help your website sell better. For other tips, you can also look up the improvement of your SEO, making the website mobile-friendly, and even offer some rewards or incentives. Good luck!