security - Keep Your Website Secure With These 3 Tips

Keep Your Website Secure With These 3 Tips

Websites are a target for hackers. While people may think that their website has no valuable data or there is nothing to hack, this is actually a big mistake.

The truth is that without the proper protection, a website’s layout can be changed. Worse, they can also use your servers for undesirable things. Not to mention all the possible viruses out there. A lack of website security can change a business’ direction for good.

Let’s take a look at three tips you can follow in order to secure your website.

Error Messages

When an error happens on a website, the website usually spews out a message talking about the error and about what parts are being affected.

This is a good act of transparency. However, people have to be careful with how much information is shared in these error messages. Be sure to keep the information at a minimum only. These error messages could potentially leave a trail of breadcrumbs that can serve as keys to hackers.

security laptop - Keep Your Website Secure With These 3 Tips


Another tip is carefully choosing your passwords. People think this may be a simple tip, but the truth is that not all people follow this one.

Make sure that the password that you select is very complex and strong. If you are having your users create accounts, it is also a good practice to enforce some password requirements that will help them come up with a strong password.

When authenticating, you may want to store your user’s passwords as something that is encrypted. In doing so, this means that only the encrypted values will be compared with one another when in the authentication process.

File Uploads

Finally, we’d like to warn you about file uploads. If your website requires or has file uploads, you’d better think twice. Even the simple act of changing the avatar photo of a profile can be dangerous.

The danger comes in the fact that these files may have executable scripts that are a danger to your website and users.

These are only a few things that you can do to ensure the security of your website. Do not take website security lightly. We urge you to make your website as safe as possible.